Oxnard Salsa Festival

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Marisa Trujillo-Martinez

Marisa Trujillo-Martinez was born in Mexico but has lived in Oxnard since the age of 7. Marisa graduated from Channel Islands High School and has been married to her high school sweetheart Rodrigo for 35 years; they have 4 boys and 3 grandchildren.

As the parent of a murdered son, Marisa started a chapter of “Parents of Murdered Children” committed to serving the needs of grieving families and she speaks to youth about violence and how it impacts families.

As a representative for “I’m a Kid Who Can, Inc.” Marisa will use her passion to ensure that more children will fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

Marisa has worked for the County of Ventura for 23 years.

PLEASE NOTE: Every person who does make a donation needs to write “I’m a Kid Who Can” in the note on the donation.

Instructed by: Ottis Gillespie

Ottis has trained in Salsa Dance with: Jay Byam and Molly Anderson, Juan Purazaca, Eddie Espinoza, Kirsten Miller, Isabelle Pompillo, Laura Canellias, Liz Lira, Salomon and Sandra Rivera, Joby Brava, Teresa Zamorano, Jaime and Gail Arias, Walters Emmanuel Jones, Mike and Tina del Campo, Conrad Diaz, and Louvie Hernandez. He has been teaching Salsa Dance for singles and couples at MacKinnon Dance Academy in Oxnard, California for over ten years and is certified to teach Salsa dancing through Josie Neglia Dance Academy.

Charity: I'm a Kid Who Can, Inc.

I'm a Kid Who Can is an organization that supports underserved youth in the areas of: education, sports, art, leadership and personal development. This organization seeks to fill the gaps between family resources and students' aspiring goals. We seek to connect volunteers, businesses and families in need to obtain a healthy and giving community. As stated in our name, "I'm a Kid Who Can..." we bring to life the possibility of children achieving their dreams.

PLEASE NOTE: Every person who does make a donation needs to write "I'm a Kid Who Can" in the note on the donation.

Learn more about I'm a Kid Who Can, Inc.

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