Oxnard Salsa Festival

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Veronica Robles-Solis

Veronica Robles-Solis is the school board president of the Oxnard School District. Veronica is serving her second term as a Trustee of the school district and her third term as Board President. Veronica received an Associate of Arts degree from Oxnard College and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from UCLA in 2001. While on the school board the school district has implemented a 1:1 IPAD initiative, extended day kindergarten, an academy focus district-wide, expansion of GATE services, expansion of dual language immersion program, bringing arts and music back in schools and are revitalizing our community with the rebuilding aged facilities with 21st century schools.

Veronica is a Social Worker for Among Friends Adult Day Health Care Center in Oxnard since 2001. At Among Friends, Veronica assists low-income senior citizens, individuals with mental health needs and people with disabilities by providing them with support, resources and skills to improve their lives.

Veronica has been married for 13 years to Alexander Solis and has three wonderful children. Christian 10 y/o, Kamila 8y/o and Sasha 17 months. Because she has children, she recognizes the importance of quality education in their lives. Veronica not only takes a personal interest in the success of her children but focuses on all children in the community of Oxnard. Veronica is also involved in the community as a soccer mom, baseball mom and volunteers at different community events.

Instructed by: Jesus Garcia

Jesus Garcia came to the US from Mexico City 10 years ago. He has over 30 years of experience dancing Salsa and has been teaching and performing in the “805” since 2009. In 2011 Jesus won the Salsa Championship at Borderline in Thousand Oaks. Jesus enjoys performing with his team, “Salsa Elegante” for local events and is passionate about helping others express themselves through dance. You may have seen Jesus propose to his now wife, Ashley, following their dance routine at the Oxnard Salsa Festival in 2015 !

Charity: Oxnard Council of PTA's

Oxnard Council of PTA's Mission Statement is "To connect volunteers representing our membership with training and resources in order to equip them with skills in advocacy, communication, and leadership, to enhance the education of the students of Oxnard."


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