Oxnard Salsa Festival

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Dr. Cassie Woods-Peirce

Dr. Cassie Woods-Peirce is a mom of two, wife, friend, daughter, sister, business owner and a physical therapist.  Despite wearing all these hats, she continues to be passionate about helping children, especially children with disabilities.   It was through this passion that she met her husband and best friend Tom Peirce, Executive Director of the United States Adaptive Recreation Center, and the charity for which she is dancing.

Together they have devoted their careers to improving the lives of people with disabilities through the thrill of active outdoor recreation, renewing their spirit and redefining what they thought possible.

Instructed by: Ottis Gillespie

Ottis has trained in Salsa Dance with: Jay Byam and Molly Anderson, Juan Purazaca, Eddie Espinoza, Kirsten Miller, Isabelle Pompillo, Laura Canellias, Liz Lira, Salomon and Sandra Rivera, Joby Brava, Teresa Zamorano, Jaime and Gail Arias, Walters Emmanuel Jones, Mike and Tina del Campo, Conrad Diaz, and Louvie Hernandez. He has been teaching Salsa Dance for singles and couples at MacKinnon Dance Academy in Oxnard, California for over ten years and is certified to teach Salsa dancing through Josie Neglia Dance Academy.

Charity: United States Adaptive Recreation Center

The United States Adaptive Recreation Center is committed to guiding people with disabilities toward the creation and affirmation of rewarding lifestyles by facilitating challenging and adventurous recreational programming. While located in Big Bear, California, USARC has served clients throughout the world, Southern California and Ventura County.

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