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Agustín “Aluche” Ballesteros is the person who gives life to the on-air character of “Solovino.” Born in Mexico City, Aluche is very passionate about his work, talking from behind a microphone since 1998. Aluche is also a musician – he knew he was destined to play music from a very young age. He comes from a family of musicians and is the second of three brothers. His family is the most important thing in his life and his greatest pride are his three little daughters.


Solovino is the name of a character who is cheerful, flirty, funny, controversial and very much in love. He is always happy to toast to life. He is always singing and screaming trying to get a smile out of radio listeners through La M 103.7 FM.


Aluche “Solovino” is participating in Dancing with our Community Stars to raise funds for the Merito Foundation, a charity he is proud to represent.

Dancing for:

Merito Foundation

Merito is dedicated to protecting the ocean by facilitating education, conservation, and scientific research opportunities to multicultural youth and their communities. We increase students' understanding of the importance of the ocean in their lives, awareness of ocean-related threats, and the adoption of environmentally friendly practices so that we all contribute to ocean protection. We also strive to motivate diverse youth to pursue science, technology or engineering careers that relate to the ocean.

Erika Martin del Campo, Dance Instructor

Erika Martin del Campo, co-owner and director of ME Sabor Dance Studio, is a native of Santa Barbara. She has danced since the age of three, studying ballet, jazz, and flamenco. As a company member of Zermeno Dance Academy, she was crowned the 2010 Spirit of Fiesta for Old Spanish Days. Erika has worked with multiple international artists in both the flamenco and salsa world, including Amelia Vega, Osmar Perrones, Zafire, Ernesto Lopez, and has studied at the world-renowned Amor de Dios in Madrid, Spain. She applies her flamenco training to add a unique fusion to her teaching. She teaches weekly classes at ME Sabor Dance Studio and directs four performance teams. Aside from running her studio, she is a Workers’ Compensation attorney, representing injured workers across the central coast.